Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Still Here, Checking In

Hey blog readers!! I am so sorry it's been quiet of late. I am just so overwhelmed with my jobs and in currently in Baltimore, MD for a conference.

Things will get better for me as we head into October, but I will try and get back to more frequent entries.

So what is up with the water across Texas and now Arkansas -- eventually spreading into the Tennessee River Valley and Mid-Atlantic?

It is a large cut-off low pressure. So what is that? It is simply an area of low-pressure in the atmosphere that is "cut-off" from the jet stream flow aloft.

Right now the jet stream is across southern Canada and so the low pressure responsible for all the rain in the mid-south is just slowly spinning along, and will continue to do so until the weather pattern changes. (meaning the jet stream moves south and pushes the low pressure along, or some other weather feature comes along and moves it out, like a front)

We are expecting that rain here in the Baltimore area starting Wednesday and lasting off and on into the weekend.

Along with the large area of clouds and rain comes cool temps. Oddly enough, it was hotter in the Dakotas today than many southern cities.

There is also an area of "cut-off" low pressure over the central Rockies. It has been bringing unsettled weather to much of Utah and western Colorado.

Real quick before I close, I just saw a weather story about the cool and wet summer much of the nation has just experienced and how it has impacted pumpkins.

Apparently the national pumpkin crop needs hot weather to flourish and since the year has been so cool and wet, we may have to pay more this year for pumpkins to decorate our yards!


  1. I went to a NWS open house in La Crosse WI last week and we learned a few things and had a good time..First of all the Apple Crop with the cool summer will be a Big one,As far as other crops it varies from Great to not good at all.
    Just my 2 cents!

  2. That rain finally made its way to TN.Since yeasterday noon time we received 3.68 inches. Just south west of us about 6 miles almost 5 inches was reported yesterday morning.

    Last year, in TN and at my moms in southern KY, we had bushels of apples. This year we had a good crop of apples but not like last year. Now, the concord grapes and nectarines were plentiful.

    In our neck of the woods, in addition to temp and rainfall, Alot of it also depends on late frosts and how many insects are available to pollinate.

  3. As far as tropical cyclone development the conditions in the gulf of mexico are just about right there is no upper wind shear and the water temp is 87 degrees. There is one depression in the Atlantic still about 800 miles out from the caribean sea it is moving west northwest at 10 mph I really think that if we are going to get a Hurricane here in Texas this year this one may be it.

  4. Here in south central Texas we have been high and dry all summer long, last week we finally got some well deserved rain fall here in New Braunfels where I am at I recorded 5.7 inches of rain fall over 3 days. We are expecting more this weekend.

  5. The seasons seem to be shifting slowly , starting earlier and earlier. I wonder what the statistical data shows? The "cut-off" low has given much needed rain to East Texas. We will probably be fine now through the winter.

  6. WE've had so much rain/humidity that it has corroded the phones lines such that I had to crawl under the house(2' space) and make repairs.Still it makes funny half rings so sandpaper will probably cureit.MAN,never knew so many spiders could live under a house!