Friday, August 28, 2009

Tropical Storm Danny Hangs On

Well that little Danny just won't give up -- it is a very disorganized tropical system but nonetheless is maintaining enough storm characteristics to stay on the maps.

That also means it will remain a threat to most of the US eastern seaboard this weekend, from North Carolina to Maine.

Rain and wind will be the main impacts from the storm, along with pounding surf.

Elsewhere around the country, it is feeling downright fall-like, such as here in Colorado.

We already seem to be in the dry stretch of weather typically experienced by mid-September.

The leaves on my aspen trees are already getting a hint of yellow on them and so is my grass.

It seems like things are about 3 weeks too early. Personally, I still think this is going to be an interesting fall season.

I have posted a new poll on the blog. Based off the last poll, well over half of those who participated own a NOAA Weather Radio.

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