Saturday, August 29, 2009

Danny's A Dud

Well this is good news...Danny is no longer a tropical storm. It's converted over to being extra-tropical, or essentially a large area of low pressure.

It will still skirt up the coastline of the eastern US with wind, rain and higher than normal surf. And even though it has lost tropical characteristics, that doesn't mean we can't see a little bit of minor damage in the way of flooding or powerlines down.

There is an area of disturbed weather east of the islands in the Carribean but right now it isn't looking too healthy.

And the quiet hurricane season continues...I know that is a big sigh of relief for the coastal residents.

Although at this point, we need a tropical system to make landfall in Texas and bring a lot of rain. Much of the state is in a pretty bad drought.

There is still time for that...September is when we see the peak of tropical activity.

And actually, I just checked the Climate Prediction Center's website and they are showing a forecast for drought conditions to improve across Texas.

So perhaps they are counting on a tropical system or two?


  1. Hello! I just joined CoCoRAHS (what a fun word!) and have had my Stratus for almost three years.
    Yep Danny's gonna cause heavy rains in the NewEngland area, and I really expected more outta 94L, right now. But it has a long way to, goodness I've seen worse invests turn into monsters.

    so hello to anyone who reads this from Jacksonville, FL!

  2. Oh! and here's a link to my blog, which has pics of my wunderful CoCoRAHS. Chris I'm new so if we're not supposed to add links, feel free to delete this comment.

    Hope you like the pics!