Monday, March 2, 2009

Rare Southern Snow, Classic Northeast Storm

Wow what a weather weekend with plenty of unusual weather on the maps.

It is very warm here in the Rockies and southern plains. Texas has been seeing 80s and lower 90s for highs and will continue to do so much of this week.

We are going to see 70s across eastern Colorado, including here in the Denver area.

In the east, it is cool.

Snow fell this weekend from Arkansas to Georgia and the Carolinas. In some places, they went from severe thunderstorms to snow, such as across northern Alabama.

Across northeast Arkansas and western Tennessee, the snow accumulated to a foot deep! Hard hit was the northern side of the Memphis, TN metro area -- such as in Tipton County.

That snow storm is now moving up the coast, dropping a swath of heavy snow from Virginia to Maine.

All the big cities from DC to Philly and NY to Boston are bracing for locally up to a foot of snow by tonight. Portions of Long Island were expecting up to 18 inches.

In the west, rain was falling this past weekend in extremely dry northern California. In fact, it is supposed to be a wet week for that part of the country. I don't think residents will mind since they are seeing widespread drought conditions and coming up on a dry time of the year.

And numbers for January 2009 are out as far as how temperatures ranked in the US. It was slightly above average on the whole, mostly due to the western states being so warm.

The eastern states were cooler than normal.

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  1. We received 9 inches of the white stuff. Yes, this is a rare event for Southern Middle TN. The last time it snowed near this much here was maybe 2002 or 2003. Can't remember the exact year. I had to make my way to the garage to find my snow boots which have not been used since we lived in Arkansas. And, my handy dandy heavy duty snow shovel was finally put to use. It is kind of funny that just 20 miles north received maybe 3 inches. I believe that I have had my fill of snow for another decade. The really nice thing about all this cold and snow is that my fruit trees have not started to bloom yet. The past few years I have had to watch my nectarine and peach tree crops be destroyed by a late season freeze because the silly things became confused and bloomed too early.

    Suzanne , L'burg TN