Thursday, March 5, 2009

Active Days Ahead

Some new data is out this morning and it does indeed look like the weather is about to turn busy, especially later in the coming weekend.

First, there is a chance for severe weather across the southern plains and lower Mississippi River valley -- as early as Saturday night, but especially Sunday into Monday.

OSNW3, travel safely to St. Louis. It looks like if there are storms you will be on the northern fringe.

What will be fun about your trip is you will travel through a few seasons over a relatively short distance and time frame.

When I used to live in Minneapolis and drive all day down to Little Rock, I could go from 60s and storms to teens and snow -- and much of the change happened in Missouri into Iowa.

There could be a band of heavy snow roughly along I-80 through Nebraska, Wyoming, and adjacent areas -- possibly including Denver.

Yes, I am DEFINITELY in the mood for a good ole Front Range blizzard. We've seen such little snow this year. I miss it in a way.

High fire danger exists today from eastern Colorado, and western Nebraska southward across much of Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and west Texas.

It will be windy and mild across this region. And it is already bone dry. I saw on the news this morning that as a precaution, they have flown some fire fighting planes into the regional airport on the northwest side of Denver in case they are needed.

Let's hope not.

Extreme northwest Minnesota, and extreme northwest North Dakota are under freezing rain advisories this morning. That is just a testimony to how things are warming up that far north.

Lake Superior has reached maximum ice cover this year, assuming no more arctic outbreaks occur.

Check out this picture -- simply amazing.

Just shows you how long and brutal the winter has been for that region.

Marquette, MI is sitting at 217.5 inches of snow for the season so far, which is over 70 inches above normal. They have about 29 inches on the ground.

Now that most of the lake is frozen, the "snow machine" will be out of business for a little bit. Ok maybe not out of business, but the ample moisture source is limited with the lake being froze.

It just all depends on the wind direction and if the wind travels over the little bit of open waters left, or over the ice.


  1. Lake Superior being frozen over is amazing. I have a room in my home dedicated to the lake... I want to get a hi res version of that image framed for the room.

    The NWS is predicting low 70's now for Saturday in the STL area. Awesome!

    I hope the snows come for you in Denver!

  2. That is a great image of the iced over lake. I’ve only been up that way once. We made our way up to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada too. I was captivated by the lake’s maritime history and bought a number of books.

  3. Excellent Lake Superior image! Its quite rare to see THAT much ice on that lake.