Friday, April 4, 2008

Tornadoes Strike Another Metropolitan Area

Just a few weeks ago, tornadoes touched down in metro and downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Last night, a tornado (or tornadoes) moved across the Little Rock metropolitan area.

For me, it hit close to home since I am from there.

I have a part-time job in the evenings and about 8:30 pm I took a break to call my mom. Something I usually don't do but about once every few weeks because of the time difference.

She answered and said there had been a possible tornado touchdown in SW Little Rock and it was heading their way.

I let her go so she could call my grandma and monitor the situation.

A little while later she sent me a text message saying that a wall cloud was spotted near where they live and that sirens were going off. Then the TV said the center of the tornado was potentially traveling right for their neighborhood.

She got up and looked outside and saw what she described as fast moving fog and that the trees were almost bent over. Then she heard the freight train sound.

They sought shelter in the bathroom and within no time at all it was over.

The tornado that had touched down in southwest Little Rock and again in North Little Rock over the National Weather Service and the commuter airport had went right up her street.

Just a few blocks away there was damaged homes, fallen trees and a fire.

They immediately lost power so she hasn't been able to see if there is any damage to her home on the outside, but from what they can tell from inside, all is ok.

What a close call!

A security driver for a car dealership in SW Little Rock recorded the tornado pass by. This is good video! Click here to watch. The video is about a minute long, and the part where the tornado passes by is on the last portion of it.

If you look closely you will see a light pole in the middle of the screen blow away as the tornado passes over.

I am sure as daylight spreads across Arkansas today and the full extent of the damage is accounted for, there will be some incredible scenes on the news.

To top it off, the poor flooded regions of the state are seeing very heavy rain once again.

I will be traveling home in a few weeks to meet up with everyone, and from there will be driving to Upper Michigan for a vacation.

It is going to be odd to see areas I know so well damaged from this tornado.


  1. I am so glad that your family is okay Chris. Thanks for sharing the story and video with us. It really makes me thankful for our modern technology and spotting systems that makes it possible for us to spot and track these storms.

  2. Indeed, wxwatcher.

    It's the small tornadoes and wind events that we should, if we could, pay more attention to as they come and go more quickly and pose more of a danger. (In my opinion). The big ones that are "more noticeable", to radar and spotters, give people more time to respond.

    Regardless... tornadoes are frightening. I personally have never experienced one and I am currently not chomping at the bit. :)

    Have fun on your vacation, Chris. It's gorgeous up here right now. Max temps are in the 50's! (for now)