Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Large Severe Weather Outbreak Possible

The center of the nation has been active as of late, and that trend will continue as a potent storm system takes shape Wednesday over the central Rockies and ejects out into the center of the nation Thursday into Friday.

The storm system is already on shore in the Pacific Northwest -- bringing valley rain and mountain snow to the northwest.

It will move across the Rockies and organize Wednesday night somewhere across southeast Colorado.

Those of us along the eastern slopes of the Rockies will see a cold rain and snow. In fact, Denver is under a winter storm watch for up to 8 inches of snow by noon on Thursday.

As the low moves east and draws up TONS of warm, moist air out ahead of it -- severe thunderstorms will break out as the dry air behind the front collides with the warm moist air out ahead of it.

Some discussions are calling for potentially the biggest tornado outbreak of the year.

Strongs winds at the surface out of the southeast, and even stronger winds just above the ground out of the southwest as the storm moves in, will provide plenty of rotation necessary for tornadoes.

Long track tornadoes are expected.

As if that isn't scary enough, most rivers from Missouri and Illinois, and points south, are at bank full if not out of their banks.

With a widespread 1-3 inches of rain expected over this region, we could see additional historical flooding in the days and possibly weeks to come.

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