Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Flooding Rain

Hello -- it has been a few days since I have been able to post.

I have got to get back into my field at some point so I can talk about the weather like I used to. I am getting out of practice!

Unfortunately it looks like another heavy, pro-longed rain event is setting up over the mid-south.

The NWS office in Little Rock has a nice story about it. Click here

Some model data shows a widespread 2-4 inches with some isolated pockets of 4-8 inches falling over the same areas that saw up to a foot of rain in mid-March and massive flooding.

We'll have to watch and see how it unfolds.

I am traveling to Arkansas in late April and then will be driving up to Michigan for a week with my family.

It will be interesting driving right through the heart of all the flooded area in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri.


  1. Very nice! The photo of the flooded river is amazing. What part of Michigan will you be in?! There is a pretty good snow pack in the UP yet. Enjoy!

  2. I sure wish we had more CoCoRaHS observers in WI.

    Just today I had a co-worker who wanted to find out some seasonal snowfall stats from this season. I showed him CoCoRaHS, helped him search for his area of interest and found two stations near (not exactly where he wanted info for) where he wanted his data for. That was exciting. Unfortunately... it turned out that both of those particular stations haven't reported yet. Perhaps they are new stations, or just never took it seriously, regardless... using CoCoRaHS is a fun experience and observing for them is an even better one!