Saturday, April 11, 2009

Severe Weather Outbreak Spawns PDS Watch

Wow, Thursday and Friday turned out to be deadly days across the mid-south as tornadoes caused miles of damage from Mena, Arkansas to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Damage and some injuries were also caused by tornado touchdowns in Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia and both North and South Carolina.

The two days brought over 500 reports of severe weather with over 2 dozen reports of large hail and 71 possible tornadoes.

Below are maps of the severe weather reports.

I know at least one of the tornado watches on Friday was a PDS Tornado Watch. These are issued only a handful of times each year.

PDS means particularly dangerous situation -- if one of these watches are issued, forecasters are almost 100% certain there will be a deadly tornado outbreak.

Today the hard-hit areas will have a break in the weather to begin cleaning up, but more storms are in the forecast as we head into next week.

The unsettled weather on the maps today can be found in pockets, mainly in the west, but also in the big cities of the northeast.

It is currently raining here in Denver, and I am loving it.


  1. Friday was pretty rough here in Middle TN. It started about 3 AM, the first round which netted about .42 in. and a t'nado warning 20 west of us.
    The second and deadly round, started around 11 AM. There were so many t'nado warnings that it made one's head spin just like a few of the clouds I watched. I prayed for God's protection on our community. Before the warnings were issued, we (my kids are ages 11 and 13) studied the clouds and lightning until I realized there was rotation going on. The kids stayed in the closet surrounded by pillows and blankets and I had the TV and computer fixed to keep an eye on the weather. The icing on the cake occurred about 12:55 ... the hail started and only lasted only 10 minutes and intermittent, one fourth in to one and one fourth in, in diameter. We had two rounds of icing. We did not have damage but my daughters friend had a few windows broken from the hail. The kids and I had a really interesting hands on weather lesson.
    I am really glad we decided not to live in Rutherford Co. TN. Our prayers go out to all impacted by the storms. It appears that that County gets hit pretty bad each year.
    Thank God for protecting our community.
    Suzanne TN-ML13

  2. I live in Monroe,La and we had a tornado near Bosco about 12:00am and it was about 5-10 miles south of Monroe and it rained up to 2 inches