Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Large & Slow Moving Storm On Way

A very large, slow and wet storm will sweep across the country the rest of this week and through the weekend.

It will bring severe weather to the southern plains, a lot of wind and rain to many locations, and even snow in the west.

Depending on the exact track, we could see up to 2 feet of snow here in the Denver metro area between Thursday night and Saturday morning.

I kind of hope for it, but at the same time, am ready for spring to stay around for a while. We desperately need the water so I will take it in whatever form we can get it.

This is a large storm, so precipitation will be possible from North Dakota to south Texas. But the heaviest rains should stay in the central and southern states.

Severe storms hit much of central Florida yesterday, with some tornado damage near Tampa.

A tight pressure gradient produced 50-70 mph non-thunderstorm wind gusts across the Sunshine State too.

Flooding continues in the Florida panhandle, south Georgia, and along the Red River of the North.

NOAA released the March weather averages recently, and the month ended with near average temperatures for the USA. Click here to read more.

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  1. Chris -- Is an April snowstorm a normal occurrence for the Denver area? It seems I remember this happening before.

    I'm ready for spring to stick around this time. It was fun to see the flakes fly in early April, but I'm okay for it to take a sabbatical.