Monday, April 13, 2009

Red River Flooding Now Felt In Two Countries

The Red River is not only impacting residents of North Dakota and Minnesota, but also people in Manitoba, Canada.

If you didn't already know, the Red River is somewhat unusual in that it actually flows north and empties into Lake Winnipeg, just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Click here to learn more about the Red River.

It is also sometimes called the Red River of the North, simply because there is a Red River that flows along the border of Texas and Oklahoma, into southwest Arkansas and then Louisiana.

There have been several rooftop rescues in southern Manitoba as a result of the flooding and ice flows. Click here to read more.

My grandmother sent me a great article from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette in my Easter card. I think I have shared with you all before that I am from central Arkansas.

It was titled "State Joins Program To Track Rains" and featured one of Arkansas' newest CoCoRaHS volunteers, Edward Swaim.

In the article, he stated that he is checking the local precipitation patterns to better understand the conditions that lead to the opening of the spillways on a lake near his home.

I found that very interesting and it made me wonder if any of you have a story to share about either what attracted you to CoCoRaHS or why you chose to get involved? Was there something specific you hoped to learn, like Edward?

Severe weather is once again lurking in the Ohio River and Tennessee River valleys today. There are currently tornado watches in place from southern Indiana down to northern Alabama, including hard hit Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Tornado watches are also in place across south Georgia and north Florida.

If you live in these areas, please keep an eye to the sky and an ear to your NOAA Weather Radios!

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  1. My weather details for 15 years was sent to NOAA WX in Eureka CA. using Ham radio to collect hundreds of data from cities West of the Rockies.The folks at NOAA appreciated the diverse info we sent them--said it aided in their forcasting.I no longer am involved with the Ham radio net and was excited to find your point of data collection. I am glad to support your cause in some small way and that yuo can use a small part of the WX data I still collect.Thanks