Thursday, April 9, 2009

National Tornado Project Coming Soon

Good morning!

We may see some April showers here in the Denver area today and off and on actually for the next few days.

That is very welcome around these parts -- we need some moisture to delay the start of fire season.

Unsettled weather is impacting portions of the west and central states today, with high winds across Texas bringing the threat for wildland fires.

Severe thunderstorms are possible across the mid-south and lower Mississippi River Valley.

The east will see a nice day.

Coming soon to the center of the US is the National Tornado Project, called Vortex2.

This will be the largest and most ambitious attempt to study tornadoes in history, involving more than 50 scientists and 40 research vehicles, including 10 mobile radars.

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  1. Vortex-1 findings are about 15 years old now. It’s good to read that V-2 is underway; go get boys and girls! I look forward to some possible new technologies that may warn those living in the “alley” a bit earlier.