Monday, March 23, 2009

Severe Weather, Heavy Snow, High Winds...It's All On The Maps

Wow I was rocked out of bed around 4 pm this morning by some incredible gusts of wind, rain pelting the windows, and one gentle roll of thunder.

The Denver radar at 6 am is showing thunderstorms and snow all in the scope of the scan across the Front Range.

I am getting ready for a flight to Baltimore in a few hours and hope to goodness this calms down a bit.

The blog will be short today, All I gotta say is it will be quite the weather day in the center of the nation today with a large severe weather outbreak expected.

So if you live in the region, keep an eye to the sky.


  1. Tornado Watch was issued for My area(City of Montgomery or Lat. 32.37 degrees North and Lon. 86.25 degrees west/in North Central Montgomery County.) All I got was a little cross-wind at the peak time of 0630Z. Tornado Watch #67 was initially issued @ 0140Z or 0140am and expired or was cancelled @ 0345pm or 1545Z.