Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adopt-A-CoCoRaHS Rain Gauge

Good morning everyone!

In Nolan's recent email, he mentioned there was a need for approximately 2,000 rain gauges in the CoCoRaHS network.

I had a volunteer email me asking how many out there already would "sponsor" a gauge for someone in another state.

Essentially you'd mail a check for the cost of a gauge here to Colorado and we'd divide out the fund raising equally to the states in need.

So drop me a note with your ideas and interest level. My email is denvermetrococorahs@msn.com

Just put something about rain gauges in the subject so I can find it if your email goes into spam.

Here are the results from last week's blog poll.

Which fits where you live & your favorite precip?

  • Cold Climate & I Love My Snow -- 35%
  • Cold Climate, But Prefer To Have Rain -- 16%
  • Warm Climate & I Love The Rain -- 34%
  • Warm Climate, But I'd Rather See Snow -- 13%

    There were 67 votes and it was essentially a tie. And one could conclude that most people prefer the precipitation most common for their area. (i.e. warm = rain, cold = snow)

    A new poll will be posted today!

    Last weekend some friends took me to Copper Mountain to snowshoe and tube for my birthday. It was a blast! I have attached a few pictures of all the deep snow up in the high country.

    You are essentially looking at the drinking water for all the residents of the Front Range and thank God because we just had the least snowiest February on record in Denver. And March is starting out in the 70s. We'd be in trouble this year if it weren't for the deep snow in the mountains.


    1. Chris, the adoption thing is genius. I will be purchasing one for my Mother as I get her started on observing for CoCoRaHS this March. She lives in the "snowbelt of Suamico" (just north of Green Bay) and I asked her to prove it to everyone. She's joining. :)

      What's the deal with these 2000 rain gauges? Have people signed up and not paid for them? I suppose I should go and read Nolan's email.

      Great photos! That is one thing I have yet to do... get out to the "mountains" and see some SERIOUS snow! :)

    2. Chris,
      What ski area is that in the picture? It looks great and powdery. I was on Cascade Crud this weekend.

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    4. Chris,

      Are you (like me) a leap year baby, having a birthday last weekend?

      [This slightly corrects a post I just deleted.]