Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flooding Woes Continue

Snow continues to fall today along the swollen Red River.

Many questions about the future of the flood remain uncertain.

Snow is actually a good thing, as opposed to rain, since it is frozen. If they were getting rain right now, the river would be certain to rise.

However, since the moisture is locked into the snow -- the big question unknown at this time is when will it be warm enough to melt.

And will the river have enough time to fall so that when it does melt, it will not rise high enough to top the flood protection system.

One thing we do know, life in that part of our country will continue to be on edge over the next several days to potentially weeks as we see how the spring melt plays out.

Keeping our fingers crossed for the best scenario possible!


  1. Unrelated comment Chris, but when I saw this, I thought I'd share. The March Madness competition made me wonder what the nation-wide station map looked like. Have you looked at it lately? It's covered!! Congrats to Nolan and all the many volunteers who have worked hard to get the word out. Check it out!

  2. Thanks for sharing that link WxWatcher!