Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Poll, Old Poll Results

Here are the results from the recent poll.

What's your favorite television source for weather?

There were 62 votes and interestingly enough, no one really watches the national outlets.

And as I suspected, more than half of our polled group are web savvy and prefer to get their weather information online.

  • The Weather Channel -- 12%
  • National Outlets (i.e. FOX, CNN) -- 0%
  • Local Oulet (i.e. NBC, ABC, CBS) -- 29%
  • Don't Have One, Prefer Computer -- 58%

    Thanks to Joey, we have a great new poll asking about your favorite source for weather warnings.

    I am blogging late tonight because my boss is in town and I will have a full morning on Wednesday picking her up, going to our traditional stop at Starbucks, etc.

    Wow, the current radar shows a solid line of rain that basically stretches from Dallas to Detroit.

    I love overnight rainfall...such GREAT sleeping weather. You don't see much of that here in the dry western climate of Colorado.

    We do, however, get a lot of overnight snow. The problem is you can't really hear the snow fall like the rain.

    Tuesday was an active weather day, and it looks like it will linger into today.

    The CoCoRaHS maps should be really neat today, with flooding rains in portions of Illinois and heavy snow in the upper midwest.

    Have a great day and hopefully I will get time to blog a little more in depth Thursday.

    1. Oy. I'm glad to see the rain go, myself. :-)

      2 storms, 2.90" + 0.62" = 3.52" (4 days).

      So now we've reached our monthly quota for rain, and then some. And it's the 11th!

      I've started a new blog for my neighborhood this weekend, Carol Stream Hydrology Blog to pull together all the disparate data about flooding in our neighborhood. This time around, the 2.90" was enough to close several streets and flood crawlspaces... nothing like the 8.48" deluge in September, but still aggravating if you have to go through it every other month!

    2. Re the new poll.

      Since I'm on and off the internet all day I'm always checking the weather, typically at www.wunderground.com. For winter storm watches and the like this works well. If I was still living in the midwest where an afternoon t-storm can pop up in a matter of minutes I'd be keeping an ear to my NOAA weather radio for any alerts on days of changing weather. We have a few alerts during the summer here in MT, but not very often. In other words, depending on where I live has a bigger impact on my answer than my habits.

    3. My biggest event was pre CoCoRaHS here in NJ, 7.91" (8.37" event) as dying Hurricane Floyd stalled with a frontal boundary and orographic lift (such as it is with 100 foot "mountains") on 3/16/09. It caused extensive flooding in the Raritan River Basin.