Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winter East, Spring West --- But For How Long?

Good morning from Poughkeepsie! Upstate New York is nothing but trees (and right now, snow)! It is absolutely beautiful.

It is particularly pretty here along the banks of the ice filled Hudson River.

So in my 2 minutes of looking at the weather, it looks like winter is still gripping the east, all the way to south Florida.

There are numerous freeze warnings in place.

I know the west continues to be warm from talking with friends back in Denver.

However, the long term 6-14 day forecast from the climate prediction center is still, and has been for over a week now, calling for a cool down to below normal temperatures in the west with a warmup to above average in the east.

A complete flip flop from how things are today.

I think that will be good -- balance things out a little.

I need to run -- heading into New York City today and flying home to Denver tonight.

I'll make time to get a normal, more detailed blog posted before the week is over.


  1. I was glad to see this morning that the Porter County, IN observers validated NWS Chicago's forecast lake-effect estimates of 6-12", with local totals of 18".

    4 different observers reported between 14.3" and 17.0" of snow - and there's a big 23.5" dot near Valparaiso!

    The HPC (this link) wasn't forecasting even the outside chance of 12+" of snow... but I think they focus on more macro-scale weather features.

  2. Good Day All - Yes, it's RAW to us in NW Fla. Mid 20's last night with a warm up today of about 45. It's supposed to be like this until about Friday and start warming with a high of 70 on Saturday-perfect day for a yardsale and short sleeves. I can't imagine what it must be like to have so much more cold weather to look forward to - ya'll hang it there!

  3. Chris, hopefully you took some photos of beautiful upstate NY to share! :)

    Rob, I would imagine pin pointing a LES forecast is extremely difficult... unless the wind direction is persistent for a long enough time frame, perhaps then... but still. Anyways, I am no forecaster. The WGN blog has some sweet photos... check them out HERE if you haven't already viewed them!

    Lenore, I know I am looking forward the rest of the Winter season. I'd like at least one large scale snow storm to rampage through the area... I can only hope!