Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Poll, Possible Severe Weather This Weekend

The old poll has closed and the winner for our favorite cold weather fix was hot chocolate.

We had 73 voters, and the results were as follows...

  • Hot Chocolate -- 38%
  • Soup/Stew -- 23%
  • Chili -- 21%
  • Coffee -- 16%

    I posted a new poll today.

    No surprise that coffee was in last place. I think that is just a fix for many people any day of the week, regardless of the temperature. I know I enjoy a cup in the mornings, esp. the smell as it brews.

    Well there is something showing up in the forecasts that we haven't seen in a while, potential severe weather outbreaks.

    Can you believe it is already that time of the year?

    The battle of air masses will soon start taking place as warm air from the south meets colder air from the north.

    Computer models are showing there could be strong to severe storms over the southern plains (Oklahoma and Arkansas in particular) during the first half of the upcoming week.

    A new storm system is moving into the western part of the country today. This time the bulk of the energy is hitting California, and that is good --- much of the state is in a drought.

    Along with the rain comes cooler temperatures. Las Vegas, for instance, is expecting highs in the 50s and lows in the 40s for the next several days.

    1. It would be interesting to see what region of the country folks are from based on the answer they responded with on the survey. Where are the chili eaters from? Favorite chili: Wolf Brand.

    2. I think Hot Chocolate won because no 'alcohol modified' alternative was offered. A "hot-toddy" is pretty nice after a stint working out in the cold.

      I'm a 'homemade' green chili fan but love red (chili con carne) as well. There is a lot of SW influence around Colorado.


    3. "Along with the rain comes cooler temperatures. Las Vegas, for instance, is expecting highs in the 50s and lows in the 40s for the next several days."

      Wow, I'd kill for a warm-up to 15 today. I bet you're glad you finally got out of NYS.


    4. Bob, my choice was, Soup/Stew -- 23%. More so, soup than stew. Chili was a close second for my vote.

      Ricker, ok, give it up! The homemade green chili recipe that is... :)

      fanghopper, I am dreading the warm-up that will be in the uppper midwest tomorrow through mid next week. Ick. I suppose one good thing will come from it... we'll be able to take our 3 month old outside for an extended period of time finally. :)

    5. I love a good snowstorm as much as the next person, believe me! I get bummed when I hear that a coastal storm is going to miss us, or we'll just be on the tail end of some lake effect snow, or the nor'easter isn't going to pan out.

      Nonetheless it's -6 right now...I like to be able to go outside sometimes! I am a jogger year-round, and cross-country skier, and I draw the line at negative temps, not because I don't own the warm clothing but because I can't move when I'm wearing it!


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    8. Here in So.Cal. where it was in the low 80's on Monday, "Severe Weather" means clouds (can't see the sun), maybe some rain, and daytime temps below 60!

      (3rd time's a charm!))

    9. I can't wait for warm weather! Out here in Eastern Washington it feels like the winter will never end. Within the next few days, we are expecting more snow. The first graders in a local grade school made groundhogs on February 2nd, placed them outside and predicted that we will have 8 more weeks of winter! There is still a couple of feet of snow on the ground UGH!