Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unsettled East, Dry West

Well it is snowing here in Columbia, Maryland -- the hotel I am at is right on a lake with tons of trees -- it is a very pretty sight.

The Mississippi River is a good dividing line today with dry conditions west (except some snow showers in the Rockies) and wet, stormy weather east.

There is a moderate risk for severe weather in the southeast states today, in particular across southern Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and north Florida.

It will be snowy from Chicago to New York and snow will change to rain here in the nation's capital region.

I saw a few interesting facts on the weather channel this morning while getting ready for my meetings.

60 to 80 inches of snow fell in the mountains of California (near and south of Tahoe) during the recent storm.

And although some much needed moisture fell nearly statewide, the city of Los Angeles may be facing water rationing for the first time since the early 90s due to the drought.

Here in the east, many locations continue to run above normal on snowfall, including Boston and Syracuse.

In fact, Syracuse, NY has seen 125" of snow this season, which is nearly 50 inches above normal!

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  1. Chris, the snow that fell over night here in Oshkosh, WI coated everything it fell on. We haven't had much snow lately, so it was a extra special site this morning. If you want a glimpse, click here for a photo. It isn't the greatest photo but you get the point. The snow was sticky and pretty.

    We're headed to the Upper Peninsula this weekend. Spending all of our time in the Marquette area. Looking forward to hiking the shore of Lake Superior, the hills west of town and, of course, the UP200 dog sled race!

    Enjoy your time out East!