Friday, December 28, 2007

Rain, Snow Moves East

If you can't reach your dear friends in Alabama today, don't worry -- they are probably out dancing in the rain.

Yes, bama saw some of the best rain in months over the past 24 hours. A few CoCoRaHS stations in east-central Alabama recorded over an inch.

I would venture a guess that was the first time those gauges have had an overflow in quite some time -- maybe since joining the network!

Portions of central Tennesee also saw rainfall. That rain will shift east along with the cold front today.

Hail and strong to severe thnuderstorms were also reported over the past 24 hours in the deep south. Stations near Muscle Shoals and Tuscumbia (Ala.) reported hail around 4 am Friday morning.

Here in the Denver area we have sunny skies and PLENTY of snow to shovel around. It is a whopping 1 degree in Southeast Aurora as I blog with 14 inches of powder on the ground. That has fallen since Christmas morning.

BRRRR --- off to make some hot tea!


  1. I'm sure proud of it. I got .84 of rain Friday.

  2. Not much here Friday til night, hit a big 3.58 now very happy!

  3. It's been a great week for precipitation. Southeast Wisconsin got a good dumping again yesterday with some places recording up 7" of new snow. I recorded 3.3" for a total yesterday. I am over the 20" mark for snowfall this month... it's sweet.

    Enjoy your moisture!

  4. Awe, just loving it! Spritzle, rain, off and on but really humid! Dogs not liking it! Muddy!

    We'll share some of the cold with you this week! Supposed to be in the 20's here Tues nite! Today good day to gather sticks for woodstove! I use free heat!
    Kids next door are 4 wheelin in the mud puddles getting absolutely drenched and lovin it! Hilarious to watch!

  5. We got 3.34 inches Saturday night-Sunday morning