Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Winter To Come

A new series of storm systems will make their way across the country over the next 5 to 7 days.

One is looking like it could be a decent storm developing over the middle of the nation by this weekend.

For us here in the Front Range of Colorado, it is bitter sweet. We need the moisture, but it was about this time last year when we got hit with the first of twin holiday blizzards that shut down the region.

Winter officially arrives around 1 am eastern time on Dec. 22 this year.

So much can change with the forecast so we'll have to see how this evolves.


  1. Looking forward to this storm. Hopefully it precipitates in the form of snow and not rain for us here in east-central Wisconsin. I really dislike Winter rain. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a correct movement of the Low to provide an all snow event!


  2. I just love reading all the reports around my area. Like I could win something! Can't wait for Louisianna to join. I look west to see what 'my' storm dumped before it got to me and that lil'bit o'Alabama that is west of me doesn't give me much to go on! I'm just a nosey neighbor!

  3. Rain, rain, go away... currently not to be. The snow/rain line is cutting WI in half tonight. It's been raining for a few hours, temps are near 37F, and in my mind the cold air could not get hear sooner.

  4. Well we only got a smidge of rain here. I'll take yours osnw3! We've been slightly cool but not like we should. I too am ready for colder temps! Fire up that wood stove!