Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm Back, And Caught Up On My Reports

Hello fellow CoCoRaHS'ians --

Well another Christmas season in retail has come and gone, it nearly killed me this year. (Just Joking)

Although now it is gift card season, and stores will be busy for the next 2 weeks with bargain hunters wanting to spend that Christmas money.

It was hard to keep up with CoCoRaHS -- in fact I just sat down and did a little catch-up data entry.

I entered all the data for my station since December 5.

I want you to know if you get into a jam and life becomes hectic, it is OK to make notes of your data somewhere and do the data-entry when you have time.

I have to be honest, I forced myself to sit down and catch up today because I knew if I didn't I would eventually lose the paper with my data on it.

So what has been happening of late? TONS of winter storms have moved across the nation. I don't think the winter has been this active across so much real estate for quite some time.

We had a lovely snow in the Denver area yesterday, to the tune of 4 to 8 inches around most of the metro. More is on the way tomorrow.

And parts of the parched southeast FINALLY saw a decent, widespread rainfall. Though not nearly enough to put a dent in the drought, it is a start.

Don't forget to leave your questions or comments if you have any -- I enjoy reading them and often they spark my brain to come up with my next blog entry.

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