Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Winter Storm Moving In

Well after 8 inches of fresh snow on Christmas, we are bracing for another round today along the Front Range of the Rockies.

It is cold too -- just 10 degrees as I blog and watch the snow pile up on my freshly shoveled drive.

Hey, I will hush -- this time last year we couldn't find enough places to shovel the snow after back-to-back storms dropped up to 4 feet on Denver.

If you are traveling home anywhere across the center of the nation over the next day or so, the weather will be a factor.

Our Colorado storm will pull east with plenty of rain, snow, wind and fog.

Some good news! The storm system should tap the Gulf of Mexico and bring moisture back into the southeast states -- EXCELLENT news for the drought.

And looking ahead, arctic air currently building over Canada will break loose and move into the northern plains as we head into the first few days of January.

Just how cold and how much real estate it will cover remains to be seen. But some places may only see highs in the single digits near the US/Canadian border next week.


  1. Bring on that cold Arctic air!

    Nothing is better then a cold, crisp Winter day. Enjoying the cracking of deck wood as you walk over it, the crunching of the snow pack under your boots, and of course how refreshing the cold air is to breathe.

    Lately, however, northeast Wisconsin has been experiencing above average daytime highs. Yesterday some thermometers broke the 40F barrier. Ouch!

  2. I wished it had snow for Christmas in the South. It really hasn't gotten all that cold yet. We're even up for Severe Weather for Friday.

  3. Eric, when is the last time Clio, AL experienced snowfall? I can tell you the last I time I experienced a tornado... never. The most severe weather I've ever experienced is documented in the link below. Please check it out, you will enjoy it.

    I have extended in-law family members who live in Huntsville, but I've never met them. When I was younger I had a neighbor who vacationed in Gulf Shores. That's how familiar I am with Alabama... not so much. However, I recall seeing some sorta Seafood Fest that takes place annually that we want to attend sometime...

    Enjoy your weather! Also, nice photo on your home page.

  4. We had 3 seconds of white Christmas here in FLA! It was sleet but hey who's gonna argue - it was white! Bring on the rain! More, More!

  5. Last Snow Storm we had was in March of 93, in 2002 we had a few flurries.
    Nothing really since then. Last severe weather event I was in, was Nov. 15 2006 in Hamilton Crossroads, Pike Co AL. We were in the path of it. Check it out here..

    Thanks, I'm still working on it.

  6. Was that when Enterprise was hit?

  7. Enterprise was hit on March 1 2007.
    The report on the NWS website...

    Some pictures...