Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Does June Weather Hold In Store?

It looks like the month will kick off with a preview of summer - actually the "dogs days of summer" in some locations.

Highs later this week will be well into the 90s with some lower 100s across a good portion of the southern plains states. We are talking Oklahoma, southern Kansas, the Texas panhandle and surrounding areas.

Even the deserts of Arizona and California will be heating up into the lower 100s after a relatively cool spring.

Some severe weather is expected today in the plains states, roughly between Interstates 70, 80 and 90. In fact, there are already severe thunderstorm watches in effect for Nebraska.

Here are the official temperature and precipitation outlooks for the month of June - courtesy of the Climate Prediction Center.

(First Map) Areas in blue are expecting cooler than normal temperatures while areas in red should see warmer than normal conditions.

(Second Map) Areas in the green have the best chances to see above normal precipitation levels. If it is white and says EC, that means equal chances.

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