Monday, February 1, 2010

What's In Store This February?

Well it's already the second month of 2010 - and that means the days will continue to get longer and warmer!! So those of you tired of winter - there is hope!

The outlook for the first 10 days of the month calls for more of the same.

It will remain cooler than normal for many of us with the storms continuing to take a sothern track across the United States.

A new series of storm systems will start moving into California this week and bring wind, rain and mountain snow. The storms will then move along the southern tier of states, across the deserts of the southwest, across Texas and into the southeast.

The middle of the week looks to be the most active - especially Wednesday and Thursday.

And more clipper systems will move out of Canada and across the northern tier of states, including the upper midwest, Great Lakes and New England.

The most quiet weather will be right around the central Rockies - with a bullseye around Denver. We have been quiet for several days now and it looks like that trend will continue. We sit right in between the northern and southern flow of storms - just far enough away from both branches of the jet stream to stay dry.

Our 14,000 foot wall of mountains to the west also helps keep us dry in this type of weather pattern.

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