Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cool Start To June, Exploring Missouri's Climate

If you have checked the national watch/warning map online over the past several days you've probably seen a lot of blue!

There have been all kinds of frost and freeze watches and/or warnings posted along the northern tier of the US, in particular, from portions of Minnesota to interior New England.

It is even cool here in Colorado.

It is also wet, the rain fell most of the night and we are socked in for the day with a high struggling to reach 50 degrees.

I have been planting new shrubs and trees over the past 3 weeks so I am VERY thankful for this moisture and cool weather.

So is my water bill and monthly budget!

Alright well it is time to explore state #3 on our climate exploration series, so I chose Missouri.

The "Show-me" state is an interesting one simply due to it's location in the middle of the nation.

There are no nearby mountains or oceans to impact the weather so the humid continental climate is greatly impacted by the upper-level wind patterns of the jet stream.

Before I go further, let me clarify my statement above that says no mountains.

Southern Missouri is a beautiful place to visit and live with many picturesque views amongst the Ozark Mountains.

But the Ozark Mountains are not tall or varied enough to create or significantly influence major weather patterns like the Rocky Mountain chain.

Now locally? Sure -- I bet there are some small-scale micro-climates created just due to the varied topography.

Winters across Missouri can be long and cold while summers are humid and at times, down right hot!

I have to just tease you with that little introduction today due to a time constraint but hopefully I can get a post up tomorrow and we'll dive in deeper to the climate of Missouri.

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