Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry I haven't finished up Vermont's climate info...the past week has just been a blur for me with my 2 jobs and getting ready to make a road trip down to Little Rock.

My grandma had a hip replacement on June 5 and she is finally home so I'm heading to spend some time with her this weekend.

I should actually have the time while down there to do some good blogs since I will have no work distractions! ;-)

I did want to call out that it is Lightning Awareness Week all across the US. The catch-phrase for lightning is "When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!"

Click here for a link to learn more about lightning and how you can stay safe from it during stormy weather.

There have been 15 deaths already this year due to lightning. There were 28 last year in the US.

In the news today a heat wave is gripping the center of the country with widespread 90s and lower 100s from Texas to southern Wisconsin.

Heat advisories are in effect for Dallas, New Orleans, Little Rock, St. Louis, Chicago and Milwaukee.

This is largely due to the humidity making the "feels like" temperature, or the heat index, range between 100 and 110 degrees during the afternoon, with some places seeing a heat index as high as 115 to 120 degrees.

I heard a report that one location in Iowa yesterday had a heat index of 121 degrees.

Here is a great link to read more about the heat index.

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