Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Is Here, Really?

Well some of you might be saying really.

A slew of frost and freeze warnings and advisories cover the southeast quarter of the US today and tonight.

Temperatures are far south as Dixie started out in the 20s today and will do so again tomorrow morning.

If you live in this part of the world and have planted tender vegetation already, take precautions to protect your investment.

Aside from the spring chill in the east, the weather maps are pretty quiet today.

Portions of the south and areas along the Mississippi River and the Red River are still dealing with flooding.

A new storm system is getting ready to move onto the west coast with valley rain and mountain snow.

It is carrying a big pool of cold air aloft, and is expected to sweep east this week, bringing unsettled weather along with it.

It will impact the east coast by the coming weekend. Heavy rain is expected in the middle of the country by Thursday and Friday along with a slight chance for some severe weather.

Some headlines from around the globe today include the large piece ice shelf breaking away from Antarctica. Click here for more.

And Tropical Cyclone Jade has slammed into the coast of Madagascar with high winds, heavy rain and large waves.

The last poll we had asked about the largest 24 hour rainfall you've experienced.

We had 83 replies and they were as follows...

  • Less Than 1 Inch (gauge has never overflowed) -- 9%
  • 1-3 Inches -- 36%
  • 3-6 Inches -- 30%
  • 6-12 Inches -- 22%
  • More Than 12 Inches in 24 Hours -- 1%

    A new poll will be posted today.

    1. It's summertime in Eastern Washington. The sun is shining and temperatures are above 70. I have gotta get my outside thermometer fixed so I can get outside temps accurately. It just snowed 3 days ago and the passes were closed. What a change!!

    2. Wow, BettyAnne, your weather sounds like Missouri! We've been dealing with freeze warnings the past two nights, but luckily it hasn't been as bad as predicted. I talked to a local orchard owner, and she said her peaches and apricots seemed to have survived the cold weather. Bring spring our way!