Thursday, April 2, 2009

Severe Weather Threat In South

The southern states are under the gun today with a moderate risk of severe weather for much of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

There is the possibility of long-track tornadoes, large hail, high winds and very heavy rain.

This area has seen a parade of storms in recent days and is already water-logged.

Flooding is currently taking place along waterways from Louisiana to northern Florida and southern Georgia.

Some roads and schools are even closed.

Meanwhile, here in the west, we are under a winter storm watch as a new storm approaches for the weekend.

Depending on the track, Denver could see as little as a few inches to as much as 18 inches or more.

We went all winter with no snow, and since the seasons changed, we've seen storm after storm -- which is good -- maybe now the fire season won't be so bad this summer.


  1. I have blogged about the flooding in south Georgia. Feel free to check it out. Link

  2. My willow and Bradford pair trees are loving all this rain. In the past two weeks we have had over 4 inches of rain. Nearly 2 inches fell in just 2 hours last night. That left us a bit soggy with most creeks,ponds and sink holes over flowing.
    Suzanne-Southern Middle TN