Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weather Making Headlines, Both Local & Abroad

Wow Tuesday turned out to be a deadly day in the Sooner state.

Sadly, a large tornado claimed several lives in Lone Grove, which is just west of Ardmore. (between Oklahoma City and Dallas on I-35)

Here is a link to a local television station in Oklahoma City with more inforamtion, pictures, and video.

Click here.

On the above web site you will also see an amazing video of a tornado forming live on camera. You can look for it or simply Click here.

Around the globe, high winds have been battering France and England. Both major airports in Paris had to be closed for the first time in 34 years due to the dangerous flying conditions.

Click here to read more.

And to our north in western Canada, unusually warm weather created the right conditions for a major ice storm that halted travel and caused widespread damage to trees and power lines.

Click here to read more.

More severe weather is expected today -- with a large area of the eastern USA potentially under the gun -- outlined in green on the above map.

As of this blog posting, tornado watches have already been issued for much of the central Ohio and Tennessee River valleys.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that there are no more deadly storms.

Regardless of storms, much of this area will see extremely high winds today. Almost all of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and surrounding locations are under a high wind warning.

And how is this for advanced notice -- the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is already alerting the residents of the Red River Valley, which sits between North Dakota and Minnesota, of potential flooding this spring.

It has been a few years since they saw a major flood.

Several conditions are making for the potential flood setup, and you can read more about them in the article linked here.

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