Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Coastal Storm A Dud?

Good morning from Albany, NY where it is currently snowing ever so lightly.

My co-worker and I fell on the ice yesterday in a parking lot of one of our accounts. She fell, I tried to break it and next thing I knew we were both laid out on our backs laughing so hard we couldn't stop.

Luckily no damage to either of us!

There is a coastal storm brewing off the northeast US and it will give a glancing blow to areas from New York to Boston and Cape Cod.

We are on the extreme fringe here in Albany with flurries.

The big picture right now is cold and at times damp in the eastern half of the nation. It's even chilly in Florida!

The west is high and dry.

Sorry for no big weather details or blogs....have to keep a tight schedule on the road.

Have a great day!


  1. Glad you and your friend are okay, Chris!

  2. I can't image living in an area that gets so much cold and snow. More power to you. I live in sunny (Northern) Califronia where we to get cold and snow occasionally but you guys get WAY to much. We have been getting WAY to much sun. I guess we get different weather extremes at opposite ends of the continent. Stay Warm. CW

  3. The phrase "way too much sun" is not one I have ever had an occasion to use in Central NYS.


    The ice situation around here has been a bit treacherous lately, due to the last couple days of thawing during the day, with melting snow running across surfaces and then refreezing at night.

    I got my car stuck half way into the ditch this morning when I stopped to photograph the fog and rime. Slid off the ice on the shoulder (same kind of melting/refreezing situation) and into the soft snow, which was about 2 feet deep.

    (shameless self-promotion: look for the photos on my Live Journal later this evening, via the link in my screen name here)

  4. Chris, ouch!

    fanghopper, how close are you to the Tug Hill Plateau? This webcam shows almost 6' of snow on the ground. Pretty impressive! I am excited for my trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a few weeks to play in such depths (well, more like 2-4' depths). Great site by the way, I'll be checking that out more often.

    And as for too much sunshine... We see the sun often here in Oshkosh, WI. This past January we actually saw the sun quite a bit more than the previous two. Days With Sun

  5. I'm about an hour and change south of the Tug Hill Plateau, but it's a world of difference. The THP is well within the snowbelt, whereas down here we get only occasional lake effect snow, if the wind is from the north.

    It is pretty crazy how much snow they get. Oswego, NY is where they get the most snow in a populated area up there. Those people are insane. A couple years ago they had 11 feet of snow in a week up there.

    Right now we have a mere 10" or so on the ground, although I have snowdrifts up to 4 feet deep.

    (PS my fog photos are up)