Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Southern Rains, Wintry Northeast

Generous rains fell over parts of Dixie on Monday, heaviest in the Tennessee River Valley.

Much of the state of Tennessee saw up to an inch of rain, with a band of 2-4 inch rain stretching from north-central Mississippi to northern Georgia.

There has been some minor flooding reported due to the heavy rainfall.

Looking at today's national CoCoRaHS map, Arkansas sure will be a nice addition since it is just a hole on the current data. I think they come online in a few months.

Meanwhile the New England states are about to be hit with a new winter storm. There are several advisories posted for that region.

And it remains wet across the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for all the feedback from yesterday's blog. It sounds like you all would like to explore climate state by state.

Me too.

Give me a little time to look around and find some resources with good data and we'll dive in!


  1. Our weather down here in Pensacola has been awesome! I went to the beach January 2nd and 3rd - wearing shorts and t-shirt. It's been uncommonly mild here - and not being one who is fond of cold weather, I hope it stays that way! I figure about another month of "winter" (February's usually our coldest) and we'll be ready for flip flops and shorts! Thanks, Chris for all you do - hope you have a wonderful 2009.

  2. flash flood warnings were isued for the Franklin and banks areas late yesterday eveing and early this morning total of 4.3 inches were rained.

  3. I'm in northeast TN. We had 3" of rain in the last 2 days (1/2" the first day, 2.5 the second), and all of the streams and springs are gushing, the Clinch River near our place is up about 6-8' higher than normal. Then we had snow flurries this afternoon.