Monday, January 12, 2009

Cold Air Moving In & Some New Blog Features

The arctic cold air that has been bottled up over much of NW Canada and Alaska over the past few weeks is on the move today -- it will impact just about all the eastern two thirds of the US over the next few days.

Of course it will moderate as it moves south, but will still be cold. The air mass is expected to sink all the way to central Florida by the weekend with freezing temps possible as far south as Tampa.

And it's a HEAT WAVE in Fairbanks -- they are currently at only 14 below zero after days of seeing the temperature sit between 30 and 45 below zero.

It's hard to believe that by Friday they will be within a few degrees of hitting 30 above zero -- you can bet they will be breaking out the shorts! That is 70 degrees warmer than it has been for quite some time.

Along with the cold air comes a snow storm for portions of the midwest today. Travel is tough across the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa.

I have added two new features to the right side of this page.

  • A poll -- I will periodically update this with new questions.
  • Blog Followers -- you can now follow my blog and be alerted when new posts are added
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