Friday, August 1, 2008

Whew, It's H-H-HOT!

Much of the country is sweltering today with extreme heat.

There are heat advisories posted for portions of Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kansas and Missouri.

Red flag warnings for extreme high fire danger cover many locations in the Rockies.

Denver broke it's longest streak of 90-degree days with yesterday being day 19. The previous all-time record streak was 18 days.

We are expected to be in the upper 90s and low 100s through early next week so this is quite remarkable.

In fact, today we should hit or beat 100° and that would tie or break the day's record high of 100°.

We are lucky that we live in a dry climate and although it does get hot, we quickly fall back into the 70s not too longer after sunset.

I have to cancel today's weather lesson as I am running late for work. I will make up for it over the weekend.

By the way, observer GA-FT-11 reported 5.69" of rain on Thursday. That is really something seeing as how dry this part of the world has been in recent months.

I checked his/her reports but found no comment. If you happen to see this blog, can you tell us more about that rainfall? If you weren't home, did you see signs of the heavy rain when you got home, i.e. flower beds washed out, etc?

Just curious....didn't mean to put you on the spot in my blog! ;-)

If we had a rain like that here in Colorado it would have been on national news and potentially life threatening.

Our annual precipitaton in Denver is just a little over 15" a year!

Stay safe everyone and keep cool!!!


  1. Chris:

    It's hot here in eastern Middle Tennessee also! We'll be above 90° over the next several days...areas to the west of me in Middle and West Tennessee will push the mid and upper 90's....thanks for the great work on your blog. I read it often!


  2. Chris -
    Thanks for the info on the dog days - have often heard it, but was confused about when it started, July or August. Yesterday (8/1/08) was hot enough we used the central air, otherwise have just been using fans. Keep up the explanations on your blog!


  3. Chris:
    Hello from the Texas hill country. We are about 65 miles N.West of San Antonio, in Bandera county. TX-BND-1. Enjoy the blog so "keep on keeping on"
    We had hoped to get more out of Dolly, but did squeeze out 1.38 on the 24th. Grass took off quickly from that, but need a bunch more to put a rise on the river and in the stocktanks.