Thursday, February 28, 2008

Winters Snows Mean Spring Floods

After a very snowy winter, one of the snowiest in years for a few places in Colorado, Wisconsin and Vermont for example, officials are now making plans for potentially massive spring floods.

The days are growing longer and the sun angle is getting higher, and that means warmer weather will soon start the snow melt.

It isn't all bad news though. The stream flows in Colorado should be fantastic for white water rafting this spring.


  1. I am anticipating a fast snow melt around these parts. As time rolls on we'll see what happens, obviously, but that's my gut feel. I am guessing we'll be snow less by Mar 17. I am anxious for Spring and to get the golf clubs out of the basement. Don't get me wrong, I'll take any snow storms Mother Nature wants to throw at us, but like I stated earlier, my gut feel is, most of the roller coaster ride that will be March, Oshkosh will see rain rather then snow. I am anxious to see what transpires!

    It's been a great Winter!

  2. Ok. Here it is. Unofficially... Oshkosh has broken the all-time monthly snowfall for the month of February.

    Observed at OSNW3
    Official monthly record (??) (23.8")

    I am excited to see the official data!

  3. I remember when we had the LAST record snow in Madison WI.

    It was the first year we played softball the 3rd week of March!

    The frost is 0 to 2 inches which I would think make the water get into the ground faster.