Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby, It's C-C-Cold Outside

It's a frozen Valentine's Day for many this year all thanks to a strong cold front.

The front has already passed through much of Colorado, Nebraska and the upper midwest -- and it is heading south like a runaway truck.

Once it passes by, it will definitely put a chill in your outing to celebrate Valentine's Day tonight!

Snow will accompany the front, and it could be moderate at times from Denver to Des Moines. Strong winds will also be present today.

For those behind the front it will be a cold northerly wind -- and for those ahead of it, the winds will be warm and southerly.

Those southerly winds pumped the mercury all the way up to 65 degrees in Denver on Wednesday. We will be lucky to see 25 degrees today with a fast, but potent snowstorm.

Another round of bitter cold has already moved into the northern plains behind the front, with sub-zero readings across the Dakotas and Minnesota. Many locations will not climb above zero during the day on Thursday.

If you are traveling from Fargo to Dallas today, you will encounter an 80 degree difference in temperatures.

This cold air will sink all the way to the Gulf Coast states by the weekend, and it could spell an ice storm for portions of the south by Friday that were rocked by tornadoes just over a week ago.

So if this just isn't the news you were hoping for -- see if there are any last minute flight deals to Miami. They will see highs in the lower 80s all weekend long!

If your travel plans are taking you to New England today, hopefully it will be a smooth ride unlike on Thursday.

Flights were delayed up to 5 or more hours at New York area airports on Thursday due to a mixed bag of precipitation.

Ice coated much of the area on Wednesday before a warm front moved through and raised temperatures up to 20 degrees by Thursday afternoon.

Between the ice and heavy rain, a widespread 1 to 3 inches of liquid fell with some locally higher totals.

There were many reports of flooding in the NYC metro area as of late Thursday, including some road closures on major parkways.

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