Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hail Falls From Kansas To Wisconsin

The CoCoRaHS maps today will be interesting to look at -- especially in states like Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Strong to severe thunderstorms rolled across the plains on Tuesday.

There was one intense rain report filed 2.6 miles north of Independence, Missouri on Tuesday. The CoCoRaHS observer there saw 0.40 inches of rain in 30 minutes.

Hail fell across southeast Nebraska, eastern Iowa and southwest Wisconsin. The thunderstorms also produced strong winds that caused damage.

Sustained winds at 46 mph with gusts to 79 mph were reported 1 mile north of Vinton, Iowa. Not too far away in Keystone (Benton County) a 55,000 bushel grain bin was blown over.

Click here for a complete listing of storm reports sent to the National Weather Service.

Do you ever take time to read through the daily comment reports here on CoCoRaHS? There are literally hundreds -- but it could be fun to read for your state.

One of my favorites from Tuesday came from the observer 3.0 miles ENE of Perrin, Texas (Station TX-JC-2).

He is a 185 pound man that was knocked to the ground by a wind gust from the outflow boundary of a nearby thunderstorm around 8 pm Monday evening. Now that is some powerful wind!

Meteorologists keep close tabs on outflow boundaries because they can do a few different things. Sometimes they create new thunderstorms, essentially acting like a small-scale cold front. They can also linger and be the focal point for new thunderstorm growth with daytime heating on the following day.


  1. I agree on the reading of the daily comment reports, its neat to read and compare my data and comments to my fellow observer in the city. Its also cool to watch how the precip totals vary so much in the county.

  2. I read the daily comments as well. You almost get a feel of the reporter's personality by reading their accounts