Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring & Winter Storms

While much of Kansas and Oklahoma will be under the gun today for severe storms with high winds and large hail - and possibly long-track tornadoes - in and around Denver - we are preparing for a late season winter storm.

Areas just south and west of Denver are under a watch for the potential to see several inches of heavy, wet snow.

In the city of Denver, we are expecting a rain and snow mix with maybe a few inches on the grassy surfaces.

This will unfold more as we get into the day on Tuesday - just who sees what and when. One model went crazy with snow totals of 25 to 50 inches in the foothills west of Denver. That'd be one heck of a weather headline if it happened this late in the year!

But for now - let's focus on Kansas and Oklahoma - and the surrounding areas - as they will be under the gun  for a potentially rough evening of weather.

If the tornadoes do form - they will target the more populated areas between Wichita, KS and Tulsa, OK - so keep on alert today in this part of the world.

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