Monday, May 24, 2010

National Hurricane Preparedness Week & Safe Boating Week

It's time to start thinking about hurricane season - it starts a week from tomorrow, on June 1st.

This week there is a national campaign to educate coastal citizens on the dangers of hurricanes. It isn't just the wind and rain, but flooding, tornadoes too.

So if you live on or near the Gulf or Atlantic coasts, please click the link below and check it each day this week for a new topic.

Click here for National Hurricane Preparedness Week

It's also National Safe Boating week in the United States - and even if you have been on the water all your life, it doesn't hurt to just take a few minutes and review the latest thoughts on boating safety.

Topics include lightning safety, navigation rules, dangerous waves and more.

Click here for National Safe Boating Week information.

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