Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Storm Begins

Well Denver sits on the extreme northern fringe of the latest winter storm that will hit portions of the southern plains and mid-south very hard.

Light snow began falling here in the Denver area about 9 pm. We are only expecting a few inches - just enough to slow travel in the morning.

Meanwhile, those few inches will stop life for a day or two across portions of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee - esp. since it will fall ontop of a layer of ice.

Areas in east-central Oklahoma are expecting to be hit hard with ice - possibly taking out power for up to a week in rural areas.

Let's hope not. I grew up in Arkansas and have lived through several ice storms. You can get around on snow if you are cautious, but ice just literally freezes everything up! You can't even walk on it when you do the penguin walk!

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