Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ike's Cuban Wrath

Hurricane Ike has given Cuba about the worst blow a storm could give, literally hammering the entire island nation coast to coast with high winds and surf and very heavy rain.

The good news for the US and the main population centers of the Gulf Coast is that it seems like with every model run the westerly storm track gets pushed further and further south.

Current thinking is the storm will impact extreme south Texas, somewhere from Brownsville to Corpus Christi, which is not such good news for these folks.

It's just something we'll have to watch.

In response to my blog question Monday, here is one reply from Missouri.

"Here in Mid-Missouri, there are big, thick, black wooly worms. Lots of folks think that means a hard winter ahead. We had almost 30" at this station last year, so it would be something to beat that! "

Could the black, wooly worms be a tell-tale sign from nature of the potential winter months ahead?

Any more things you all are seeing out there?

Sorry for the short blogs this week. My boss is in town and we are doing a lot of traveling.

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