Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike Eyes Houston, Galveston Vicinity

The Texas coastline is set to take a lashing from hurricane Ike. But the storm will be felt by thousands of people all across the region in just a few days.

If you haven't seen a recent map, the storm is huge! It's cloud shield covers much of the Gulf of Mexico.

Today's blog is short as I have an early meeting at work, but either tomorrow or over the weekend I will attempt to answer a few great questions I recently received.

Have a great day and if you are in the path of this hurricane along the Texas coastline, don't wait too long to make your storm action plans.

The latest forecast track from the National Hurricane Center has the storm coming on shore just a tad bit south of Galveston. That would put Houston, Galveston and the area bays in the right front quadrant -- where the highest and most dangerous storm surge will be.

This isn't good news -- especially since there is such a large population along the hurricane's path.

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  1. As Ike moves ever closer to the Texas shore, many of the models are showing unprecedented storm surge. I watched the satellite and radar images and I thought I noticed a slight eastward shift was this right?