Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blog Questions

An observer left the following questions yesterday so I will try to answer them as best I can.

Q. How many Traces of rain = an inch of rain?

A. Subjective so no answer. What I call a trace of rain may differ from what you call. Neither are actually measured in the gauge. Meaning the first line on the gauge is 0.01 inches. There isn't a "trace" line.

If I am out doing yardwork and a shower or strom approaches but barely misses me, and I feel about a dozen drops of rain and actually see the drop mark left on the sidewalk -- I would definitely call it a trace.

You might want to see the entire sidewalk and other surfaces completely wet before calling it a trace. Or since it "traced" so much, but still didn't quite measure in the gauge, you might go ahead and call that big trace a 1 hundredth of rain.

Does that make any sense?

So since a trace is not really measured, but interpreted, who knows how many equal an inch.

Personally, if that question were on an exam I would answer zero, then give a verbal explanation like I did above.

Q. Concerning hurricane Ike, are hurricane hunter planes allowed by Cuba, to over fly their country?

I found online that NOAA is the only federal agency with hurricane tracking capabilities that is authorized by Cuba to fly in its airspace.

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