Saturday, April 23, 2011

Will April set a record for severe weather?

Wow - what an AMAZING month this has been for severe weather across the United States. It seems like almost every day .. if not every few ... we've seen large outbreaks.

You tube video from St. Louis Airport!

I just can't believe the direct hit that Lambert St. Louis Int'l Airport took today.  It will be amazing to see the first pictures when daylight hits.

Initial reports say the airport will be closed indefinitely. Wow!  That will really take a local toll on the city.

So far this month there have seen several hundred tornadoes and thousands of hail and high wind reports.  I think there have been at least 50 or 60 deaths due to the weather.

Now we will be dealing with some serious flooding issues along the Mississippi, Ohio and Red Rivers.  Here in the Rockies we are dealing with some flooding from the melt of a very deep snowpack.

At least 3 Colorado ski resorts have recorded over 500 inches of snow this year!  One resort still have over 100 inches on the ground!!!

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