Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dynamic Winter Storm

Check out the 9 p.m. observation from Peoria, Illinois.

PEORIA TSTM 22 19 89 NE17G37 29.69F VSB 1/4 WCI 8

That is a Thunderstorm with 22 degrees!
There have been numerous reports of lightning and thunder in the midst of heavy snow across Illinois.
This just shows how dynamic this storm is across the center of the nation.
Thundersnow usually means incredible snowfall rates in the 2 to 4 inch per hour range!

Not too pleasant in the Chicago-land area right now either.

Midway airport has heavy snow with winds sustained at 36 and gusting to 58!

MIDWAY HVY SNOW 21 17 84 NE36G58 29.68F VSB 1/16WCI 1

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