Tuesday, May 11, 2010

50-Degree Spread

If you drove US Highway 287 today from Larimie, Wyoming to Amarillo, Texas - you woud encounter a 50-degree difference in temperatures.

As I write this blog temperatures are in the middle to upper 30s across southeast Wyoming while they are in the upper 80s across the Texas panhandle.

Colorado is the battle ground with the largest temperature spread from north to south. I have a map below with Highway 287 outlined and the boundaries of the two airmasses.

Monday was a deadly day in Oklahoma as severe thunderstorms with strong tornadoes moved through the center of the state.

I am sure you have all heard the amazing survival stories on the news.

A new tornado watch has just been issued for southwest Oklahoma for the threat of thunderstorms with possible tornadoes as we head into the evening hours.

Oklahoma City is on the extreme eastern edge of this watch box - so residents should keep abreast of the latest.

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