Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bitter Cold Accompanies Winter Blast

Portions of northwest Montana and the adjacent areas of Canada awoke to temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees BELOW ZERO this morning!

Most of the rest of Montana is between 0 and 25 degrees BELOW ZERO.

Negative numbers can also be found in Wyoming, North Dakota, portions of Colorado, South Dakota and northwest Minnesota.

The storm system currently across the lower 48 states is impacting many with cold and frozen precipitation.

Many major cities are experiencing winter today, including Denver, Kansas City, Chicago and Minneapolis.

On the south side of the storm, heavy rain is falling across the mid-south, from Louisiana to Mississippi and Alabama.

There have been reports of flooding this morning in Louisiana.

Severe weather is also possible today across the Gulf Coast states as warm and moist air is drawn up into the storm system.

We shouldn't experience a wide spread outbreak, but a few isolated storms can't be ruled out.

Take a look at the national CoCoRaHS "new snow" map - for today. As you can see, snow was reported nearly coast to coast on Monday. The heaviest totals were reported in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, near Wolf Creek Pass. Heavy snow was also reported in the mountains of northern Arizona, near Flagstaff.

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