Friday, May 22, 2009

Soggy Weekend Ahead For Some

I didn't have time to finish up a little research on the last bit of Washington climate, and I didn't want the weekend to come without writing a blog.

So real quick, let's talk about two weather features that will keep it wet for millions of fellow Americans this Memorial Day Weekend.

Two area of low pressure at the upper levels, each cut-off from the main flow of jet stream winds, are meandering about and bringing a lot of tropical rains.

The large one, pushing into the Gulf Coast states, has dropped over 25 inches of rain across portions of east-central Florida in just 5 days.

Some places that were up to 10 or more inches below normal on rainfall this time last week now have a surplus of 10 inches for the year.

The other area of low pressure is out west near the 4 corners, keep the southern Rockies cool and damp.

I have to say all my plants and my yard are loving the weather -- and so am I -- let's save on the water bill for a few days!

No severe weather is expected over the weekend -- nothing widespread anyway. You could always have a storm or two get rowdy with a little hail and gusty wind, but that should be about it.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend -- we will wrap up Washington climate next week.

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