Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wacky Winter Weather

Wow what a busy day for meteorologists in almost all parts of the country!

First the good stuff -- snow in Houston, Galveston, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Jackson!

It was the first snow in Houston since Dec. 24, 2004 -- and only the 7th snow in New Orleans in 60 years!

As you can imagine, the snow wreaked havoc on the roads, with all kinds of accidents and closures.

The Mississippi River bridge on I-10 is closed as of this blog posting.

I went to a few television station web sites and looked at viewer pics. I know from growing up in Arkansas the excitement a snowfall brings to people of all ages in that part of the world.

And let me tell you from experience, this isn't a dry and fluffy snow like we are used to here in the Rockies.

This is like taking a spoon full of mashed potatoes and plopping it onto the floor.

It is a very high water content snowfall -- perfect for making snowmen and snowballs.

Here is a great web site with links to media outlets by state. Click here.

The same storm bringing snow to the south is also bringing heavy rain the areas thirsty for moisture -- I am talking about the drought stricken areas of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas.

A widespread 1-3 inches of rain has fallen here, with some locations recording over 5 inches near Huntsville, Alabama.

In the northeast, heavy rain is falling from Boston to D.C. with a significant icing event expected from Albany, NY to portions of Maine.

After the ice will come the snow -- making for a miserable time in this part of the world.

And in the northwest, a new storm moving onshore will bring cold air and rain/snow -- with snow levels eventually dropping to sea level by Sunday.

This will spread into the Rockies and across the northern tier of states heading into next week, along with bitterly cold air.

Temperatures may not get above zero in some of the northern states come Monday and Tuesday!

If you are looking for quiet weather, you pretty much have to head to the deserts of the southwest.

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