Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back From Trip, Lots To Talk About

Well I am home from my business trip -- had to work in Salt Lake City for a few days.

We still have not seen our first flakes of snow in Denver (at the official reporting station).

A few higher suburbs have -- including my house -- but it doesn't count until a trace or more of snow falls at Denver's snow measurement site.

Salt Lake City, however, has seen it's first significant snow of the season -- I landed during a snow band off the lake and drove in it all day Wednesday.

I had no idea they could see "lake-effect" snowfalls -- much like they do in the Great Lakes.

Portions of the region were even under lake-effect snow warnings.

As I drove from the airport south toward Sandy, the snow really picked up in intensity.

And speaking of snow, my goodness -- the upper plains got whalloped this past week, esp. the Dakotas!

I didn't get much time to follow the news story due to work, but have enjoyed seeing all the online reports.

And the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season just doesn't wanna give up as Paloma churns across Cuba.

The storm is weakening from major hurricane status, and is now a tropical storm.

The remnant low is expected to linger off the coast of northern Cuba this week.

That could mean unsettled weather for south Florida and the Bahamas.

And if you haven't seen an episode of "Storm Chasers" on the Discovery Channel, check it out tonight at 10 pm ET/PT.

I caught an episode on my flight back to Denver the other night. (That is why I fly Frontier, for the Direct TV at every seat!!)

It is action packed and at times will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

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